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We are a small church that makes and sells pyrohy to help support our church projects. We make our pyrohy the "Old World" way with quality products and care.  

We make pyrohy with:

· Potato - $10.00 per dozen

Our biggest seller. These Pyrohy are made from grade "A" Idaho potatoes. The potatoes are cooked to perfection and then mixed with three types of cheeses. White pepper, butter and sautéed onions are then mixed in for a taste that is pure perfection.

· Sauerkraut - $10.00 per dozen

One of the "Old World" favorites. Cooked sauerkraut with sautéed onions, white pepper, salt, and other spices makes a combination that's unbeatable. To improve the texture of our sauerkraut, a small amount of our potato mixture is added.

· Cheese - $10.00 per dozen

Our cheese pyrohy are made with baker’s cheese with cream cheese added to make the pyrohy moist and mellow. Sugar is added in just the right amount to make a great-tasting pyrohy. They are the kids favorite

· Potato Garlic - $10.00 per dozen

The same as our great potato pyrohy but with just a touch of garlic to awaken your taste buds. If you like garlic, these are a must.

· Potato & Bacon - $10.00 per dozen

The same as our great potato pyrohy, but with butcher block bacon done to perfection and distributed liberally in the filling. Great for breakfast along with eggs or your choice of entree.

· Potato & Jalapeno Pepper - $10.00 per dozen

We start with our best-selling potato filling and add four kinds of hot peppers to blast sleepy taste buds awake. If you like moderately spicy foods, you'll love these! Zesty, but fire extinguisher not required.

You can pick up your order between the hours of 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Fridays. The pyrohy are sold in our Hall located behind our cemetery (see drawing below).

Please call 440-886-3258 for more information.

How to Prepare Purchased Pyrohy

Fresh Pyrohy:   

- Sauté onions in butter until onions are tender.               

- Add Pyrohy and a tablespoon of water to the butter and cover           

- Gently turn Pyrohy over to prevent burning.   

- When heated, serve with the buttered onions or sour cream.


Frozen Pyrohy:



- Bring a pot of water to boil

- Drop in frozen pyrohy and give a stir so they do not stick together

- When they rise and float to the top (approx. 7-8 minutes), they are done

- Gently remove prepared pyrohy and serve with buttered onions or sour cream            


- Thaw in Microwave Oven - Defrost according to instructions supplied with your microwave oven. Note! If Microwaved too long, the dough will get tough.

You can serve Pyrohy with:        

- Salsa or Ketchup           

- Mushroom Gravy         

- Spaghetti Sauce

- Sour Cream  

Try using Pyrohy with your meal instead of potato or try it with your eggs in the morning.

Pyrohy are a great addition to your fish fry, weddings,

bingo games or other events.

Pyrohy can be used as a side dish with many foods.

Pyrohy are a fun food, add them to your next event.

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